The Guide To Hypnosis

The Guide To Hypnosis

The purpose of The Guide To Hypnosis is to provide a free resource for people who wish to learn about the field of hypnosis. This includes the answering the big questions such as “what it hypnosis?” and “what can hypnosis be used for?” as well as a guide on “how to do self hypnosis”.

For many years now hypnosis has been a widely debated topic. Is it real or merely a placebo? Recent studies and research on hypnosis have proven beyond doubt that hypnosis has a success rate far higher than can simply be attributed to any sort of placebo effect. We have an entire guide dedicated to this research with full references.

As you read through these hypnosis guides you will begin to develop a deeper understanding of this fascinating form of therapy.

The hypnosis guides on this site were written for us by clinical hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes DHyp of HypnoBusters, one of the leading hypnosis resources on the internet.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to visit this site. This is a free resource, if you have enjoyed The Guide To Hypnosis we do not ask for donations. We would be grateful though if you would bookmark us or link to us from your own site or blog.

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The Guide To Hypnosis.

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